K Rosaiah: Born, married and died on the same date

Sun Dec 05 2021 18:52:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu political stalwart K Rosaiah passed away the other day. Needless to say, Rosaiah strode like a colossus on the Telugu political firmament. He was a stickler to honesty, values and statesmanship. His acerbic wit and unsparing criticism would be remembered for long. But, there is one interesting thing associated with Rosaiah's life.

He was born and died on the same date. He was born on July 4 in 1933 in Guntur district. He passed away on December 4 in 2021. In both cases, the date 4 is common. Interestingly, he was married on the fourth date.  He entered into wedlock on June4, 1950. Interestingly date 4 seems to be very important in the life and death of Rosaiah.

Interestingly, his 52-year-long political life has no black mark. There was not one scam where he was involved. All through his life, Rosaiah maintained dignity and honesty. Rosaiah was not given to party-hopping and was steadfast to the Congress core values. His one year as Chief Minister would be remembered for the tumultuous developments on the Telangana front. Rosaiah used all his acumen to highlight the problems of the Andhra region of the state.