Pawan Touched Modi's Feet! For What?

Fri Jan 17 2020 17:47:09 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

KA Paul came down heavily on Pawan Kalyan while responding on the alliance between Jana Sena and BJP. 'Pawan Kalyan floated JSP only for power. Nobody believed Me even though I revealed it even before the 2019 Elections. All he wants is nothing other than power. I feel pity looking at Pawan Kalyan,' he said.

During the Facebook live, Praja Shanti Party Chief claimed his prediction has come true in the case of Chiranjeevi: 'When Chiru floated PRP in 2008, I was the one who declared he was a Congress Agent. He won 18 MLAs and received 18 percent vote share but ended up merging with Congress for an MP Seat and Two Ministerial Berths. I had predicted that JSP won't even get 5 percent vote share in 2019 Polls and anticipated Pawan's defeat in advance. Even Kapus hadn't voted for him'.

Mr.Paul maintained Pawan Kalyan touched the feet of Mayawati before 2019 Polls hoping that BSP Chief would become PM and he can be the CM of AP. He added, 'But now, He touched the feet of Modi and Shah as BJP retained power. What is the need for tie-up at present when the elections are scheduled to happen only in 2024? People didn't believe Pawan as he supported Chandrababu Naidu and now moved close to BJP. Special Status is a must for creating employment opportunities and developing the state. People would appreciate if Pawan could make BJP accord the Special Status'.

The Evangelist questioned why Pawan Kalyan isn't supporting Ruling YCP for the development of AP as a responsible Opposition.