KCR A Firebrand, Not Dictator: Manchu Vishnu

Fri Apr 26 2019 12:04:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

While rest of the Industry Folks have been maintaining a strategic silence, Manchu Boys have come forward to express their views on the suicides of the Intermediate students in Telangana. This could be because they themselves own Educational Institution with branches in Tirupati and Hyderabad.   

Manchu Vishnu felt losing 20 Brothers and Sisters because of the blunders committed by someone else is a horrible thing to happen. 'It's unfortunate. Our deepest condolences lie with their families. I strongly believe that if the Govt does not react to this heinous act, then it surely attracts criticism,' he opined.    

The Actor certified KTR as Pro-Active & Pro-Student Politician and KCR as a firebrand for a reason but not a dictator. He feels focus should be on knowing the real cause rather than blaming the Telangana Government.     

Over the criticism on Film Fraternity for remaining silent on the issue, Vishnu termed that speculations of Celebs fearing KCR is nothing more than great imagination. He claimed his primary concern is to finding the reasons and preventing such an atrocity from happening in future.