KCR's Key Comments On Early Polls In Telangana!

Tue Nov 15 2022 18:18:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Will TRS boss KCR go for early elections or not is the question that is running in the minds of many. As the party recently won the Munugode by-election many felt that the ruling party might dissolve the party and go for early elections as it did before the 2018 general elections.

The Chief Minister has now cleared all the airs on early elections and said there will be no early elections. Addressing the key leaders at the party meeting KCR made it clear that there will be no early polls in the state. Having said that the Chief Minister directed the leaders to work hard.

"It is less than one year for the general elections. MLAs and Ministers should be in the constituencies. Ministers should stay in district headquarters and see how the other leaders are doing. If there are any issues then they should be brought to my notice," the Chief Minister reportedly said.

Though the ruling TRS won the Munugode by-poll the margin was very less. The election was dubbed as one of the costliest elections in the nation and in that the ruling party winning the elections by a margin of over 10,000 votes say the party might not be strong at the ground level.

In an internal survey, the TRS got a few negative remarks and the Chief Minister is said to be not happy with this. The Munugode by-poll result is also not that great. Political observers say that all these developments say TRS has a few issues that have to be looked into.

With this TRS decided to not go for early polls as there are high chances that it might not work as it did for the 2018 general polls. The recent party meeting cleared all the doubts about the early polls.

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