KCR Moves Pawns Quickly To Checkmate Etela On Home Turf

Sun May 09 2021 15:50:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Even as the KCR vs Etela game is on in Telangana politics and even as the media and the political circles are hotly debating it, TRS boss KCR is moving his pawns cleverly to checkmate Etela in his own home turf. He is ensuring that the Etela has no moves to make.

Firstly, KCR has effected divisions among Etela's close camp followers. A significant number of Etela's followers are now in a mood to move over to the official party and abandon Etela. Secondly, KCR has tightened noose around Etela's closest confidant Putta Madhu, who is allegedly involved in a murder case. The government could even use Putta Madhu's statements to put Etela on the mat. As if this was not enough, Rajya Sabha member Captain Laxmikantha Rao, who has always been opposing Etela's dominance in Huzurabad, has been made the incharge of the party unit in Huzurabad. This effectively means that Etela's men will be edged out in a systematic manner.

In addition, KCR has ensured that none of the government officials, who are close to Etela remain in Huzurabad. All the officials have been transferred. This effectively means that Etela would not get any inside information now. Several key leaders and ministers have been entrusted with the task of keeping the TRS flock together even if Etela rebels and leaves the party.