Who Is The Biggest Entertainer Of All?

Sun May 10 2020 12:40:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR is fast turning out to be the biggest entertainer for the harried people of the Covid-hit Telangana. Yes. His press conferences are becoming biggest crowd pullers. They are drawing viewers big time on not just electronic media, but also on the social media.

Whenever, he announces a press conference, the viewership is rising exponentially. KCR has addressed six press conferences on the issue of Covid. His April 5 press conference has got the biggest viewership. This press conference has got 15.94 views on the YouTube. Similarly, his March 29 press conference had got 6.82 lakh views.  This is in addition to the views on the TV and Facebook.  KCR's fun and wit-laced explanations and the way he tackles nasty questions hurled at him have won him many fans. When KCR's press conferences are premiered, thousands pass instant comments and appreciate the way he answers the question.

But there is one problem. KCR's press meets are of long duration. Usually it takes two to three hours for his press conference. Yet, the viewers seem not to mind. They sit through the whole presser and enjoy it.