Where Is KCR's Lucky Number 6?

Wed Dec 12 2018 16:16:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all know that 6 is KCR's lucky number. All his works revolve around six and he ensures that every muhurtam of any event matches this lucky number. But, this time around, the number of seats he has won does not seem to be in sync with his lucky number.

This time, the TRS has won 88 seats. The total of this is is 16.Thus 1+6 is 7. The day on which the results were announced is 11.12.18. The too is going to be either five or seven, but not six.

It was earlier announced that he might take oath as CM on 12.12.2018. The numerological value of this is not 6. So, it could be either on 14.12.2019. The total of this is 2. The majority that KCR secured in Gajwel against his rival Vonteru Pratap Reddy is 51514. The numerological total value of this is 7, not six.

KCR's known to be very superstitious. He did not visit the secretariat even once during the last four and a half years as he was warned about bad vaastu. He had got the Pragathi Bhavan constructed as per the vaastu specifications.

So, KCR's lucky number is missing from most of these things. What does this indicate? How will he fare this time? Let's wait and see as things unfold.