KCR Silences Scribe On Jagan Comments

Mon Jan 13 2020 12:28:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

The media is known to link the unlikiest things and weave a story out of nothing. It did the same when it wrote that TRS heir apparent KTR had praised YS jagan's rule in AP. They tried to put their words into KTR's mouth. But, KTR being KTR, he issued a clarification in his own way.

Recently, during an Ask KTR programme on Twitter, he was asked to comment on YS Jagan's rule in AP. At this, KCR said Jagan has begun well and added the idiom 'Well begun is half done.' Some scribe tried to link this comment with the upcoming urban body polls in Telangana and asked for KTR's clarification. To this, KTR said that he has not exactly praised YS Jagan. He had only said that the beginning was good. 'Whether Jagan has done well or not will be decided five years later when the elections are held,' he said. He also clarified that Jagan's rule does not depend on what a minister in neighbouring Telangana thinks about it.  He also said that he cannot pass judgements from far away. He also said that there is no connection between these comments and the elections in Telangana. It is like saying chalk and cheese are the same just because they are white.

This reply from KTR was literally silenced the scribe who tried to play mischief.  He hasn't apparently realised KTR's felicity with words.