KCR Started The Trend Of Buying MLAs: BJP MLA Alleges!

Thu Dec 01 2022 19:26:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The people of Telangana who used to talk about YS Sharamila's arrest till yesterday are now talking about the alleged liquor scam unearthed in the national capital Delhi as Chief Minister KCR's daughter Kavitha appeared in the report filed by the investigating agency ED.

MLC Kavitha lashed out at the BJP and accused the party of misusing the central agencies and unleashing them at the opponents. She also mentioned the instances where the BJP toppled the governments in other states.

Huzurabad BJP MLA Etela Rajender reacted to the comments made by MLC Kavitha. The former TRS Cabinet Minister said that anyone guilty in the case will have to face the punishment and no one will be spared in the case.

He also reacted to TRS becoming BRS and alleged that the party wants to loot the nation as it looted the state. He gave a new reason behind TRS entering national politics. The Huzuarabad legislator said that the practice of purchasing MLAs was started by TRS.

Whenever KCR talks about the MLAs poaching case, the political experts talk about the incidents where other party leaders joined the TRS. The majority of leaders who are with the party were with other parties like TDP and Congress. After the state bifurcation, TDP leaders joined the TRS. Now Huzurabad BJP MLA Etela Rajender also spoke about the same and said that KCR started the practice of busying MLAs.

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