KCR's Sunday review meets put officials in a quandary

Mon Jan 10 2022 18:00:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana Chief Minister KCR is perhaps the only CM who prefers to conduct review meetings on Sundays. KCR is known to hold review meetings on Sundays. This is putting the staff members in various departments, including the CMO, in a lot of difficulties. The employees and officials are unable to enjoy their weekly holiday due to the review meetings.

A review meeting would entail the involvement of hundreds of employees of various departments. Their presence is needed in case of any contingency. They have to provide the details and information inputs to the officials and even the Chief Minister, who are in the review meetings. As a result of this, they are forced to work on Sundays, leaving their families at home.

This Sunday, KCR had a spate of review meetings. As a result, the officials of all the departments that are under review had to be present Also the CMO officials too were present to collate the data and present it to the CM. Starting from canteen staff to various other protocol departments had to wait endlessly for the meetings to end.

Several officials said that this is not the first time that this was done and that every Sunday witnesses a host of such reviews. The officials of these departments and the support staff would be burning their midnight's oil on Saturday and spend the whole day on Sunday. Interestingly, no official has the courage to tell the chief minister about the lost Sunday for obvious reasons.