Correct Way To Read TRS Local Body Election Victory

Wed Jun 05 2019 12:06:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu media seems to take to the hyperbole while commenting on politics of Telangana. They are over-reacting to the voters verdict and are making folly after folly. Many a time, in their inability to correctly understand and interpret the results, they are making false assumptions and fake analyses.

When KCR won a landslide in the Assembly election, the media was hyperbolic in its reactions. It praised KCR to the skies. When the TRS showed a lacklustre performance in the Lok Sabha electios, the media went into a trance like situation and began saying that the BJP has arrived. The fact is that the people are in a catch 22 situation. They do not like the TRS, but cannot do without as there is no credible alternative. Whenever they are getting an opportunity, they are showing their displeasure in no uncertain terms. It’s not  so much about the BJP growing in strength or Congress reviving itself. It is about the people being dissatisfied with the TRS.

Instead of realising this, the media seems to be jumping to hasty conclusions. The voters had an alternative during the Lok Sabha elections and they voted for the BJP. Even KCR's daughter has lost the election. This has got to do more with the unpopularity of Kavitha Kalwakuntla rather than a liking for the BJP. In the local body elections, which were held just a month after Lok Sabha polls, the results were quite different. The TRS swept the polls. But, this does not mean that the TRS has gained in popularity. It is more to do with lack of an alternative. No other party except the TRS was active on the polling day. So, saying that the TRS has overcome anti-incumbency within a month is wrong. Similarly, KTR's self-boasting too is misplaced.

Isn't it the time the media understands these plain truths and start interpreting the results in the right spirit.