Why KCR Is In A Hurry To Finish Off Congress?

Fri Mar 15 2019 11:31:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

It appears KCR is fiercely determined to wipe out the Congress from Telangana. He has already got six Congress MLAs in his kitty and is hungry for more. He is planning to engineer a split and get the MLAs to merge themselves into the TRS. This way, he can avoid the provisions of anti-defection law. If sources are to be believed, he wants to completely finish off the Congress by May 23. Ever since the notification for general elections has been issued, he has increased his speed.

Why is he so particular about May 23? What is the significance of that date?That is the date on which the votes of the Parliament election are counted and the results would be out. By the evening of May 23, the contours of the political picture in New Delhi would be clear. So, whatever the result, KCR is determined to ensure that there is no Congress in Telangana. He wants to take most of the Congress MLAs into his fold. He feels that even if there is a Congress government at the centre,, it should be completely powerless in the Telangana. If this does not happen, he wants to ensure that those who have joined to resign their posts and contest the election again. This again will help decimate the Congress completely.