KCR begins assessing MLAs performance?

Wed Jan 19 2022 11:46:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is KCR seriously planning a course correction in the party ahead of the elections sometime next year? Has he begun talking to the MLAs with none-too-impressive performance records? Has he told the MLAs with dismal records to be prepared to walk into the political sunset?

If TRS insiders are to be believed, KCR has started the process of assessing the performance of his MLAs. He is said to have commissioned surveys to understand the public mood and perception about the MLAs. He is said to be getting regular reports to assess the efforts of the MLAs to improve their image. Based on these reports, he is said to be talking to the MLAs on how to improve their performance.

According to sources, KCR is placing the survey reports in front of the MLAs with poor performance and is reportedly questioning about why they were lacking. He is also said to be asking them the reasons for the falling popularity graphs. . He is said to be giving them tips on how to improve their performances.

Meanwhile, the cadre are said to be pleasantly surprised at the change in their MLAs. The MLAs are not only more responsive but are also accessible. The MLAs are now said to be talking to party leaders at various levels. They feel that KCR's shock treatment seems to be working on the MLAs.