'Kusti' in Hyderabad, 'Dosti' in Delhi?

Sat Dec 12 2020 08:54:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has Telangana CM KCR surrendered to the BJP national leadership? Is he so rattled by the Dubbak and GHMC debacles, that he decided that there was no use fighting the BJP? Is he adopting the old strategy of "kusti" in Hyderabad and "dosti" in Delhi?

Currently on a three-day tour of Delhi, KCR has met Union Home Minister Amit Shah not in latter's official chambers, but in his residence. Why should the CM of a state meet the Union Home Minister, who till recently was the party national chief too, at his residence? This question is now being hotly debated in political circles. In fact, this is being interpreted by analysts as a symbol of KCR's surrender to the BJP.

Given his talk of forming a federal front, one expected KCR to go the dharna site where the farmers are now on an agitation over the farm laws. KCR too has opposed these farm laws. But, he chose not to go to the dharna site. Several Congress and the Left leaders are criticizing KCR for this. "How can he ignore the plight of the farmers and meet Amit Shah? We strongly suspect that KCR is adopting the strategy of "kusti" in Hyderabad and "dosti" in Delhi," said CPI national leader Narayana. Now, the opposition parties are keenly observing KCR's moves in Delhi.