Governments Resort To Shameless Bribing Of Voters In The Name Of Welfare

Sun Jul 25 2021 17:03:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

The only thing that the Telagnana CM is able to see is Dalit welfare. In the name of Dalit welfare, he is parroting things that will get him Dalit votes en block. One does not know the exact date when the Huzurabad bypoll would be held, but KCR is talking only about Dalits and Dalit Bandhu scheme.

The present day CMs know how to get maximum publicity by doing the minimum. The return on investment is what they are looking at. What they are doing is nothing but bribing the people in the name of welfare schemes.  It is the people’s money that they are giving to the people and are making much ado about his. Their Yes Media blows this out of proportion and the ministers go on repeating that this is the best welfare scheme ever.  As part of the publicity blitzkrieg, they say that this scheme is a game changer and a history maker.

But the fact is such schemes are targeted. They are meant to garner the votes of a particular community or voter group. These schemes are meant to target major votebanks. Take for instance the Dalit Bandhu scheme. KCR argues that this scheme is meant to drive away the poverty among the Dalits. But the fact is that this scheme is more a bribe and less a life-changer. Once the elections are over, the scheme dies a natural death. Another election... another scheme and another blitzkrieg of publicity. Instead of providing jobs and improving livelihoods, these schemes are only ending up as bribes to garner votes.

The ambitious Amma Vodi scheme in neighbouring AP is meant to encourage mothers to send their wards to schools. But is the amount being used for the intended purpose? Is it leading to better educational performance? There are allegations galore that the funds given under this scheme are finally ending up filling the coffers of liquor shops. Be it Amma Vodi or Dalit Bandhu, the governments have no way of knowing whether the amounts given are being used for the purpose intended.

Unfortunately, the government have stopped thinking in terms of constructive engagement with the people. All that is happening is bribing the voters and groups of voters. These welfare schemes are ending up as vote catching mechanisms using government money. This is open briging and nobody seems to be worried about the real welfare of the people.