KCR makes moves to stiffle Etela's friends

Tue May 11 2021 13:31:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Several leaders close to Etela Rajender are already spending sleepless nights worried over their future. Etela does have several friends still in the TRS and no one knows that better than KCR himself. Hence KCR is now trying to identify, isolate and weaken them.

The first in the list is Putta Madhu, the Karimnagar ZP Chief, who is already under arrest in connection with the murder of a lawyer couple. Putta Madhu is now under tremendous pressure from the police to sing the way they want him to sing. Another key leader is Chevella MP Ranjit Reddy. Ranjit Reddy is a key functionary of the poultry association and is a close friend and associate of Etela. Their friendship spans over three decades and both have begun their poultry business together. Though Ranjit Reddy has argued against Etela Rajender on national TV channels and fully backed KCR, the TRS biggies still suspect his loyalties. Already, there are demands from the opposition parties, including the BJP  for a probe into Ranjit Reddy's business deals and the allegations of the land grab against him.

Sources close to Pragathi Bhavan said that clever KCR will use these allegations to pressure Ranjit Reddy to remain in the TRS and not to side with Etela Rajender. He might corner Reddy and make him speak out against Etela Rajender.