KCR's master plan turns BJP into a joker

Thu Apr 22 2021 12:14:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

An interesting political potboiler is playing out in the small town of Jadcherla, which will go to the polls by the end of this month. A senior BJP leader is playing a double game. He has made his wife file her nomination papers from both the BJP as well as the TRS.

This issue has come up only after the papers were filed. Those in the know say that this BJP leader has already talked to several other BJP councilor candidates and that he is preparing to jump into the TRS along with them. This means, the BJP will not be in the contest in 15 of the 27 wards in Jadcherla. Thus it will not have any chance of winning the municipality. Naturally, it will not get votes as it would not be seen as the winnable party. The BJP which realized this game quite late and has given B farms to dummy candidates. But, by this time , the damage is already done and the party had lost the perception battle.

Interestingly, the TRS has not made public as to who were given the party B farms. So, the political rivals do not know who the party candidate is and are unable to trust their own candidates. As a result, there is utter confusion in the BJP ranks.