Where Are The Promised 100 Meetings Sir??

Fri Sep 21 2018 10:49:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why are the TRS speed and energy of the TRS waning? The TRS had the first mover advantage. It knew when the Assembly would be dissolved. It also knows when the elections could be held. The party has already announced 105 candidates and has stunned everyone. But, suddenly, things don't seem to be going the TRS way. There is dissidence everwhere. There are dissertions and open criticism of KCR. Even the chosen candidates are not finding the going all that easy.

Why this sudden slump? KCR too is silent and has not made any statement for the last one week. He is holed up in his Gajwel farmhouse and is not accessible to anyone. What more, after Husnabad meeting, no other public meetings are being planned. Remember, KCR said he would address 100 public meetings in 50 days. Why are these dates not announced?

Also, KCR's son KTR too is not visible anywhere. One expected a blitzkrieg of attack that will sweep the Opposition of its feet. But, what we see is a growing silence in the TRS. Many TRS leaders are privately admitting that it may not be a cakewalk after all for the TRS. The latest is that the TRS is planning one big meeting per district. That means 31 meetings only!

Has KCR realized that the election dates may not be announced as he wants them to be? Will the elections be delayed? If delayed, will that give more chances to the Opposition to regroup and launch an attack on KCR? As of now, there is utter silene on KCR and the TRS front!!