When Will The Pink Panther Clear The Files?

Fri Jan 11 2019 16:31:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR perhaps is the only chief minister in the whole country to have governed the state without ever going to the secretariat. He may have barely visited the secretariat just for five to ten times. He has ruled from his home-office at Pragathi Bhavan. When asked about it, he snapped back saying the CMO is where the CM is. The Government is where the CM is. Who are you to decide where the CMO should be?" Interestingly, despite never bothering to visit the secretariat, he has won a second term in a landslide victory.

It's almost a month of KCR winning the election and becoming the CM again. But, he has not visited the secretariat even once. In fact, he did not stay in Hyderabad even for four or five days on trot. Due to this, he is unable to clear the important and urgent files. As a result, files are piling up in Telangana. To add to the problems of the officers, there are just two ministers - KCR himself and Mahmood Ali.  Both are busy with other issues than governance.

If the officials are to be believed, the number of pending files that piled up for over the last four months runs into several thousands and if the same trend continues, it might even touch the one lakh mark. As far as the file clearing is concerned, KCR has a unique style. Even small thing must come to his notice. So, unimportant and minor files are lying pending for long periods of time. With general elections round the corner, these files may lie pending till May or June as no file can be cleared during the election period. The officials feel that KCR has to launch a major drive to clear these files.