KCR's statement gives sleepless nights to TRS MLAs

Thu Nov 17 2022 09:55:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Telangana CM KCR's recent announcement that the party will renominate all the sitting MLAs has set the cat among the pigeons. The ticket aspirants, who include defeated MLAs and loyal party workers for years, are in a state of confusion. They are now beginning to feel that they may not get the party ticket this time too and this means wilderness for them for another five years.

To add to the woes, even sitting MLAs are wary of the possibility of a TRS-Left alliance. They do not know how many seats would be given to the Left parties. Also, no one knows which seat is allocated to the Left. This has caused confusion among the sitting MLAs as they are not sure of their seat this time. If sources are to be believed, at least 30 MLAs are deeply worried about retaining their seats as Left votes play a key role in their constituencies. Sources say that the Left parties have asked for 16 seats this time.

Another major problem for the party MLAs and ticket aspirants is that the government is tapping their phones and any attempts to reach out to other parties is immediately known to KCR. So, the MLAs are wary of even calling out their friends in other parties. As of now, several MLAs face this predicament and do not know how to contact the leaders of other parties.

All the MLAs who defected to the TRS are a worried lot as there is deep dissidence against them. For instance, MLAs like Rohit Reddy, Rega Kanta Rao, Chirumarthi Lingaiah, B Harshavardhan Reddy and others are facing strong dissidence in their own constituencies. Similarly, there is intense groupism in at least 40 constituencies. KCR's statement has caused great disquiet in the party.