KCR to begin political tour of Telangana soon

Wed Jun 09 2021 11:39:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana CM KCR will soon undertake a political tour of the key centres in the state. The visit has become necessary as there are widespread reports of discontentment among the party MLAs. The TRS boss feels that if left unchecked, more TRS leaders could go the Eatala way and join the BJP. If this happens, the BJP, which is demoralized especially after the recent reversals, will become strong again. Hence, sources say that KCR will take up a tour of the state.

KCR will begin with the tour of Nizamabad first. Politically sensitive Nizamabad has lot of political activity these days. Enugu Ravinder Reddy, former MLA from Yella Reddy, is already talking to several other leaders from the district and is trying to encourage them to come out of the TRS. There are also reports of discontentment in Adilabad and Nalgonda too. Clever politician that he is, KCR knows that if left unaddressed, this could spread to other districts and what today is a trickle, will soon take the form of a deluge. So, he is going to start a tour of Nizamabad first and then extend it to other places too.

According to sources, KCR Is aware that several MLAs, MPs and even MLCs are unhappy with his working style. He wants to snuff out the dissidence in the early stages itself. He is not unduly worried about dissidence as he has many MLAs in his camp. But, he is also knows that if he ignores, this could snowball into a major revolt.