KTR's Request To IndiGo Airlines On Win-Win Situation!

Mon Sep 19 2022 12:20:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

We are in the 21st century and we still hear stories about discrimination towards people on various grounds. Bringing the discussion on discrimination once again, a flight passenger was reportedly forced to change her seat. A flight attendant is said to have made the passenger change her seat.

The reason behind the passenger changing her seat, shocked everyone. As the female passenger could not communicate in English or Hindi due to her Telugu roots. A cabin crew who spoke to the woman found that she cannot communicate in English or Hindi and made her sit a few rows back.

Going into detail, a woman who hails from Andhra Pradesh boarded the IndiGo 6E 7297 flight, which was traveling to Hyderabad from the capital city Vijayawada. She was given the 2A seat. After talking to her, a member of the cabin crew cited security issues as a reason and made her sit a row back. A professor saw the whole incident and shared it on Twitter.

The tweet took social media like a storm and netizens breathed fire on the airlines for alleged discrimination towards a passenger who could not speak other than Telugu. Sharing their thoughts, the netizens are expressing concerns about how the airline company can behave in such a manner.

The issue reached the notice of the TRS Working President K. T. Rama Rao. Responding to the tweet, the IT Minister requested the IndiGo airlines to respect local languages and recruit crew members who can speak regional languages.

"Dear @IndiGo6E Management, I request you to start respecting local languages & passengers who may not be well conversant in English or Hindi," the minister tweeted. He went on to advise IndiGo management to recruit more staff who can speak the local language like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada in regional routes and rightly called it a win-win solution," KTR tweeted.

There is a point in what the IT Minister said. The percentage of English-speaking people in the country is very less. Even graduated people cannot speak English fluently. This is the reason behind many graduates failing to get jobs in big companies. Moreover, the fight was traveling between Telugu states. No one knows why cabin crew who cannot speak the regional language were taken on board.

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