KTR Slams the Centre for Neglecting Southern States

Wed Dec 04 2019 16:24:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana Industries Minister K.T.R has slammed the Center for neglecting Hyderabad and Bangalore to set up a defence industrial production corridor on the grounds of "petty political and geo-political considerations".

He said that he has asked the then Defence Minister to set up a defence industrial production corridor between the cities of Hyderabad and Bengaluru stating that they are ideal for such projects.

KTR said I got to know that Centre has decided to set up a defence production corridor in Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh and another one in Chennai. "I was a bit baffled and wanted to know the grounds for this decision. They gave some reason which made no sense," he said.

"Unfortunately, it appears to me, in matters of national importance and even in matters of strategic sectors like defence and aerospace, sometimes regional compulsions outweigh nationally important locations, as he said pointing out that Hyderabad has best ecosystem for defence and aerospace sector.

It is a travesty that matters of investment coming to India in important sectors like defence have to be weighed on political or geo-political considerations," he observed.

"We have to raise above petty politics or geo-political equations. It can't be about winning an election someway or the other. It can't be Uttar Pradesh because it is the largest state and it has 70 parliamentary seats. It has to be because a specific region makes sense for its strong ecosystem and already well-built establishment," he added.