KTR faces tough questions in Twitter live chat

Mon Jun 07 2021 09:45:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

KTR's attempt to re-launch his Twitter live chat outreach has ended up with mixed results. On Sunday, he had a live chat session on Twitter titled “Ask KTR”, but was flooded with a lot of uncomfortable questions. Most netizens ended up questioning the government's handling of Covid and its failure to provide jobs.

Many questioned the failure of the government in vaccinating the people.  A large number of the netizens also asked questions about the failure of the government to issue job notifications. Some asked as to why job notifications were not being issued. KTR did not have a comfortable answer. A netizen even went to the extent of charging KTR with not answering tough questions. He said that KTR was deliberately avoiding tough questions. One netizen said that why the TRS, which distributes money within one night on the election eve to buy votes, was failing in vaccinating the public at large.

The programme, which was aimed at seeking suggestions from the public on how to handle Covid, has ended up as a session of complaints. This is the first time that KTR has held a live chat on the issue of Covid. The last such live chat was held long before the GHMC elections.  Prior to that KTR  had regularly held such live interactions on Twitter.