KTR Makes Shocking Remarks On Lockout

Mon Aug 03 2020 19:00:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Minister of MA&UD, Industries, and IT&C K. Taraka Rama Rao aka KTR who inaugurated five new ambulances at Rajanna Sirisilla for providing more facilities to treat the pandemic patients made interesting remarks on lockout.

KTR reciprocated what CM Jagan told about the pandemic. He said we don't have any other options than living with the ongoing pandemic until the vaccine to cure the virus is found.

He maintained that lockout is not the option to cure the pandemic and it just increases the unemployment as everything gets close with imposing lockout and batted for containing the virus.

Talking about the equipment in the district, KTR said they are appointing new staff members at the hospitals so that there will be no problems even though the patient count increases.

Telangana reported  983 fresh infections on Sunday, which takes the toll of the total cases in the state to 67,660. With 11 fresh casualties, the total casualties rose to 551.