Kapu reservation issue: Is TDP influencing Kapu leaders?

Mon Oct 11 2021 20:00:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the Kapu reservation joint action committee planning to re-launch its  agitation for Kapu reservations? It appears so. The Kapus, who abandoned the agitation after YS Jagan had categorically told them that the issue was not under his purview, are now planning to restart the agitation as the Centre has recently given the right to include new castes into the reservation category.

Now that the state government has the power to include new castes, the Kapu leaders feel that the  agitation should be re-launched. They want the government to place the Kapus in the BC list. But the government has to increase the reservations beyond the Supreme-court mandated 50 per cent. For increasing the reservations, a caste-based census is important. Only on the basis of the caste census can the government increase the reservations to beyond 50 per cent.

In Tamil Nadu, where a special caste census was commissioned, the reservations are beyond 50 per cent. A similar survey is imperative in AP.  Experts who studied the complexities of the issue say that Kapus can demand for more allocation to the Kapu corporation and ask for greater representation in the political orgnisations. BC reservation, as Jagan has already clarified, is not possible at this juncture.

The Kapu leaders recently met at Ravulapalem to discuss the ways and means to re-launch the Kapu agitation. Sources say that some leaders in the TDP are in touch with the Kapu leaders and are influencing them to re-begin the agitation. Let's wait and see how YS Jagan handles the situation.