Sujana-Karanam Meet Sets Tongues Wagging

Fri Oct 25 2019 19:40:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

When a politician like Karanam Balaram meets TDP-turned BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdhary, eyebrows are bound to be raised and questions are going to be asked. On Friday, TDP senior leader Karanam Balaram met Sujana Chowdary in Hyderabad and naturally this set the tongues wagging.

The meeting assumes significance as Sujana Chowdary is said to be scouting for TDP leaders who would join the BJP. He is said to be talking to the TDP leaders who find no future in the TDP and want to look for greener pastures. He has already met several such leaders. Karanam Balaram has been sulking for quite some time over the importance that Chandrababu naidu had given to the turncoats from the YSRCP. He made them ministers ignoring the loyal party workers. This has greatly upset him.

But when asked about the meeting, Karanam Balaram has said that he has met Sujana as the latter was his close relative and that it was a courtesy call. He said there was no reason for him to leave the Telugu Desam. But, the buzz is refusing to subside. The people are still wondering why should publicity be given to the meeting if it is a mere courtesy call.