Karate Kalyani Smells Political Conspiracy in Adoption Row?

Tue May 17 2022 10:58:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tollywood character artist Karate Kalyani has been in the middle of the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Her fight with a YouTuber brought her a bad name with many questioning what made her take the law into her own hands. As if it is not enough, Karate Kalyani attracted another big controversy.

The Child Welfare Department officials received a complaint against Karate Kalyani accusing her of illegally adopting a baby. Acting on the complaint, the officials went to her home and she was not present during the officials' visit. On top of this, she was not reachable on the phone as well raising many doubts.

Amid this, Karate Kalyani appeared before the media and tried to clear the air. Talking about the adoption, Karate Kalyani said that, she had followed all the procedures to adopt the baby and there is nothing wrong from her side. She said that she will meet the District Collector on the notice row and submit the required documents and proofs.

Hitting back at the criticism, Karate Kalyani said that she is not that bad to sell kids for a living and those who are unable to digest the good name, she is getting might have started the issue and the issue was taken to the Child Welfare department.

More than the press meet, the reason she gave made many heads turn. She smelled a political conspiracy behind this as her opponents might have planned this. Anything is possible in politics and I am doubting a political conspiracy behind this, she alleged.

Karate Kalyani's comments came as a surprise to one and all. The reason behind this is that many don't even know that she is in politics and Karate Kalyani is a Bharatiya Janata Party leader. If she would have not mentioned it then no one would have known it. Who will have time to target a person who cannot be a threat.

If Karate Kalyani is an MLA or MP, then one would think that her opponents might have a role to play in this. She is not even a ward member and who will waste their time targeting and making conspiracy against her.