Kargil veteran who lost his son to Covid-19, says system failed in saving his son!

Fri Apr 30 2021 14:17:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is no stopping for the second wave of Coronavirus. As a devastating sight, the crematoriums are seeing a flood of corpses of the Covid-19 patients. There is an argument that the actual Covid cases and deaths in the might be even more.

In a heart-wrenching incident, Retired Major Hari Ram Dubey, Kargil war hero lost his son to the Covid-19 pandemic. Making things difficult, he was forced to wait for hours to bid his last goodbye to his son.

Talking to the media, the war hero said, he had served the nation during his service, but the system of the country has failed to save his son from the Covid-19

With the help of a leading news outlet, Hari Ram Dubey and family members saw the 31-year-old Amitabh, who died of Covid on Tuesday evening. The family members wore PPR Kits and bid goodbye for the last time.

"I served my motherland from 1981 till 2011 and was fielded from Kargil to Baramulla to Ladakh and Lukung. I eliminated terrorists in Baramulla and fought against Pakistan in Kargil but the system could not help my son Amitabh, who died of Covid on Tuesday evening,' the retired army man said.

"For my duty, I was honoured with a certificate by the Chief of Army staff. I served in Kargil and I fought with terrorists but this system could not help my son and now I am asked to run here and there to get papers. My son is dead and now this behaviour amounts to harassment," he added.