BJP MP Bandi Sanjay Threatens CAA Protesters

Wed Jan 08 2020 18:44:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

The controversial Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) has resulted in violent protests and unrest across the nation. Not only that the leaders and the public of India have divided into two groups one is against the CAA and the other is supporting the CAA.

The BJP party is trying its level best to gain support in favour of the CAA. The party is holding many rallies across the nation to gain support. Recently a rally was conducted in Hanmakonda in favour of CAA.

Speaking at the rally Karimnagar BJP MP Bandi Sanjay made some sensational comments and threatened the protestors who are opposing the CAA.

"Traitors! careful if you throw stones at us, we throw bombs at you. If you use sticks, we use swords. If you use rockets, we counter-attack with rocket launchers. The war has begun, we will not spare anyone," Sanjay said.

"No protests took place at the time of Article 370 and Ayodhya verdict. Now Congress party and communists are trying to create havoc in the nation with a plan. After a full-length debate in Parliament, the Act came into existence. These protests were observed with the funds given by the Islamic nations. Should we give Indian Citizenship to those who attacked Lumbini Park?" he added.