Karnataka Kishkinda Trust Counters TTD Claims On Lord Hanuman's Birthplace

Fri May 14 2021 12:44:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

The SV Higher Theological Institute of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD) announced that Anjanadri Hills in Tirumala was the birthplace of Lord Hanuma and even produced evidence to prove the claims. According to the TTD, Lord Hanuma was born near the Akasha Ganga waterfall in Tirumala Hills.

However Hanumadha Janmabhoomi Tirtha Trust (RN) in Kishkindha, Karnataka denied the findings of TTD and said, Hanuma was born in Karnataka. Kishkinda mountain on the Tungabhadra coast in Karnataka was Hanuma's birthplace the trust said.

Sri Govindananda Saraswati Swamiji, the founding trustee of the Hanumadha Janmabhoomi Trust has written to TTD against the claims of the birthplace of Lord Hanuma. He even dared the TTD for a debate to prove Hanuman's birthplace.

As a response to the letter written by Swamiji, the TTD said that it needs 10-12 days to appear for a debate. However, Swamiji said why 1--12 days for a debate he is ready to sit for a debate any time.

Swamiji alleged that facts are distorted by the TTD in this regard and said Karnataka was the original birthplace of lord Hanuma and urged the trust that oversees the operations of Tirumala shrine to withdraw their claims.

On the other hand, TTD said that after conducting research on mythological, legislative, and geographical evidence for four months, they have announced Tirumala as the birthplace of Lord Hanuma.

Now everyone is waiting for the response of TTD whether the trust will take up the challenge posed by Hanumadha Janmabhoomi Trust and can win the debate to prove their argument as right.