Karnataka Minister lands in controversy by receiving vaccine dose at his residence

Tue Mar 02 2021 21:23:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

An Agriculture Minister kickstarted a controversy by taking the vaccine dose against the Coronavirus at his residence rather than taking the vaccine dose at the hospitals dedicated for the vaccination drive.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Ministers took their vaccine dose at the hospitals, Karnataka Agriculture Minister BC Pati took the vaccine dose at his residence.

This became a much-talked-about issue in the state with the opposition and critics lashed out at the Agriculture Minister. State Health Minister K Sudhakar had also slammed the Minister.

The State Agriculture Minister shared the pictures of him and his wife taking the vaccine dose at their house. He said some vested interest groups are spreading false information on the Made In India vaccines when many nations have appreciated them.

"Took the #COVID19Vaccine with my wife, at my Hirekerur house from the Govt. doctors today. While 'Made In India' vaccines are being immensely appreciated by many countries, some vested interest groups are spreading false information about the vaccines,' his tweet reads.

Despite finding himself in the middle of the controversy, the Agriculture Minister backed his decision and questioned, is taking vaccine at his home is any crime, media reports claimed.