Kasturi's significance in Gandhi's life

Wed Oct 02 2019 16:46:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Not only India, the entire world knows Gandhi 'The Great Being' and 'The Father of the Nation'. Behind this, two women played a significant role in his life. Gandhi's mother Putlibai is one of them. The other one is Kasturba, who is called 'Ba' (Mother), by the entire nation. They both played a vital role in his life.

She is a strong woman

Kasturba is a strong woman. After knowing that her health is declined, she said she wants to go Pune Aga Khan Detention camp, where Gandhi was captured. A few moments before her death, she kept her head in his lap and said, 'don't feel sad for my death. These are moments to be happy'. Kasturba died in 1944, February 22nd. On February 23, her funeral was done in Aga Khan Premises. Gandhi stood there until her body was burnt completely. Then with deep sorrow, he said, 'she is above me in all aspects. She left me in this chasm'.

'We got married when we were very young. I am not brave. I am very scared of thieves, ghosts, and snakes. I am very much scared of darkness. Lights will be turned on in my room even in the nights. I fear to leave the room when it's dark. But how can I say about my fears to Kasturba? I understood that she is very brave. She is not scared of ghosts and snakes. She can walk without any fear even in deep darkness'. While describing her, he added she has trained me to be alert all the time. She taught me to be strong enough to stand on the promises I make both physically and mentally. She is with me in all my political fights. She never hesitated to enter this field. Maybe she is Illiterate, but for me, she is the symbol of education.

Kasturba's braveness supported Gandhi in his fights. Kasturba's braveness made Gandhi stand strong during his fight in South Africa and the Indian Freedom fight. It made Gandhi, 'the Father of the Nation'. In following Non-Violence and Satyagraha, Kasturba stands first. She is the first person who joined him in the march. She didn't stop Gandhi, when he said, he will follow 'Brahmacharya' in 1906.

Active Participation

When Gandhi got arrested, she took active participation in the Bihar Champaran Movement, Bihar Movement against the Bardoli tax, Salt March, and Quit India movements. These incidents show her activism. She went to jail many times in South Africa and India. When Gandhi went for the hunger strike for 21 days in 1943 for 'Self Purity'. This affected Kasturba and her health started to decline.

First non-violence lesson

She is an indirect reason for Gandhi to follow nonviolence. Gandhi, 'who says don't lose your cool even others make you angry', slapped Kasturba once. This made her cry. This incident changed Gandhi. I have learned my first non-violence lesson from her tears, says Gandhi. Without Kasturba's support and love, he might not be able to become the 'Father of the Nation'. That's why Gandhi says, 'Kasturba is his strength, courage, and emotion'.

There is a lot of influence of my mother on me

'Since my childhood, there is a lot of influence on my mother on me. She played a vital role in shaping me as a sage. I got this philosophy of spirituality from my mother. She is fully into devotion and spirituality. She truly follows her helping nature. Without performing Pooja, she used not even have food. Before going to England, she made me promise that I will be far from Non-Veg, Alcohol, and women. She gave me a chain, to make me remember about the promise I made her. She died, when I was in England. My relatives didn't tell me this news, because this might hinder my education. I got to know the news only after coming to India. I am here because of the values she taught me.

- Gandhi

Gandhi's favorite fruit

Gandhi strictly follows the diet. He refuses everything sweet. But he loves mangoes. It’s interesting how he fell for mangoes.

Between 1913 and 1948 he walked around 79,000 kilometers.

He got married when he was 13.

In his lifetime he wrote more than 35,000 letters.