Kavitha Could Not Play Bathukamma due To Protest?

Wed Sep 28 2022 18:56:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Telangana Chief Minister KCR's daughter Kavitha has been instrumental in celebrating the Bathukamma festival. Since the separate state hoot movement, Kavitha has been involving women in playing Bathukamma to fight for the state. Earlier, the former MP took Bathukamma to Burj Khalifa as the construction was lit for the festival.

However, the same floral festival made Kavitha face an alleged embarrassing situation as she was stopped from playing the festival on court premises. A few lawyers reportedly stopped Kavitah from entering the premises. The tense situation led to the cops reaching the spot and detaining a few lawyers.

As soon as Kavitha entered the Ranga Reddy District Court premises, a few lawyers started an argument with her and asked how she can enter the premises to play Bathukamma when the government is not interested in looking into their issues and requests they made in addressing the issues.

With no option left, Kavitha is believed to have left the premises without playing the floral festival. A few lawyers were taken into custody and shifted to the nearby police stations.

Kavitha played her part in making the festival famous and involving as many women as possible in playing the traditional festival of the Telangana region. It's ironic that Kavitha who popularized the festival faced wrath from the lawyers while she tried to play the popular floral festival.

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