Kavitha Kalwakuntla turns a Hanuman worshipper

Thu Jun 17 2021 09:30:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

t seems former MP and current MLC from Telagnana Kalwakuntla Kavitha is taking Lord Hanuman quite seriously. After planning state-wide Hanuman Chalisa recitation programme, she is now coming up with another programme. She is set to distribute over a lakh copies of 'Jaya Ghosha,' a book containing Hanuman Mantras.

On Wednesday, over a lakh copies of the book were handed over to her in Hyderabad. The books were presented by Tyagaraya Gana Sabha's president Kala Janardana Murthy. These will be distributed among the general public. Kavitha has of late has taken to overt Hindu symbolism  and has been promoting Hanuman worship.

However, analysts say that his is not a purely religious thing. There is a political motive behind this. She is talking about Hanuman, while the BJP normally talks about Rama. Secondly, while the BJP talks about Ayodhya, she is talking about Kondagattu, the most popular Hanuman temple in Telangana. Thus, she is trying to mix Hindutwa with regionalism. This, analysts say, is a perfect recipe to take on the BjP in 2023.

Kavitha has planned Hanuman Chalisa recitations across the state for 40 days. While she claims that the programme was a huge success, there wasn't much visibility on the ground. She however is creating a media buzz around this issue. So, expect a Ram vs Hanuman battle in 2023.