Kcr's Masterly Timing Of Etela's Ouster

Mon May 03 2021 12:13:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

One must sure appreciate KCR's Machiavellian mastermind in edging out rnhis friend-turned-foe Etela Rajender. Though both KCR and Etela were rnblowing hot and cold and everyone knew that KCR would throw out Etela rnsooner than later, KCR waited for the right moment to strike at Etala.

Hern waiting for the polling to end in Nagarjunasagar byelection. KCR knew rnthat any action on Etela before the polling could alienate the BCs, who rnare present in large numbers in Nagarjunasagar. So, KCR had decided to rndismiss him from the ministry soon after the polling ended. KCR wanted rnto win Nagarjunasagar by any means as winning it was important rnespecially in the wake of the defeats in Dubbak and the GHMC. So he did rnnot want to spoil the game by acting against Etela before the polling. rnEtela comes from a powerful BC community in Telangana, which is rnpolitically quite active.

Soon after the election, Etela 's rnministry was taken away from him first. Then he was removed from the rncabinet. Also, he ensured that the news of his removal from the Cabinet rncomes on the day of vote counting. The idea is to ensure that Etela rnshall not hog the limelight at all. While everyone was talking about thern elections, Etela was swiftly dropped from the cabinet. This tells aboutrn KCR's foxy politics and his deadly timing.