Kerala Model Accident: Father Complains Of No Big Development!

Wed Nov 24 2021 12:36:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

The high-profile accident case involving former Miss Kerala Ansi Kabeer and a runner-up is seeing several interesting twists and turns. The case took a big turn after a hotel owner was arrested by the cops as part of their investigation. This development gave birth to a new doubt about a possible murder angle.

As a new twist in the tale, Former Miss Kerala Ansi Kabeer's father Kabir had raised doubts on the incident and maintained that the ongoing probe into the issue did not yield any positive outcome. He alleged that the case has a mystery angle and that should be cracked at the earliest.

Quoting the news that is being spread that the car his daughter and others were traveling was closely followed by an unidentified person, Kabir expressed his dissatisfaction with the person still being on a run . Forget about the suspect, even the CCTV footage is missing. These developments will make anyone suspicious, he maintained.

The former Miss Kerala's father gave a clarification stating that he just wanted a positive development in the case and wanted the guilty to see behind the bars and nothing more than that. We don’t have any complaints with the police or their investigation. All we want to see is developments, he said.

The disappearance of the CCTV footage had raised a lot of doubts. It is also said that Ansi Kabeer and Anjana Shajan's car was followed by one Saiju Thankachan, who is said to be a member of the drug mafia. He reportedly had a conversation with the model and her friends at a pub.

It is also being reported that Saiju Thankachan had a conversation with the friends and reportedly asked Ansi Kabeer and Anjana Shajan to stay back as a party will be held at the hotel. However, the duo refused and left the hotel. As the CCTV was missing the hotel manager was arrested and quizzed by the cops.

With the staff members at the hospital reportedly informing the cops that the CCTV harddisks containing the CCTV footage were thrown at a nearby lake, the cops are searching for the same. Besides this, the search for Saiju Thankachan is also going on.