In Talk: Kesineni Nani's Reverse Strategy!

Wed Jun 12 2019 13:22:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Generally, Leaders who aren't happy with their party leadership will tender resignation and join the political outfit of their choice. Kesineni Nani, however, seems to be implementing 'reverse' strategy instead of quitting TDP on his own.

Although he condemned the speculations about the possibility of his defection to BJP, The style of functioning of Vijaywada MP continued to make people assume that there is no smoke without fire. He turned down the Whip Post offered by TDP Leadership and made sensational comments on former Minister Devineni Uma.

In the latest Facebook Post, Kesineni Nani claimed he isn't someone who depends on anyone and always believed in his hard work. The Parliamentarian described himself as honest and a person who have a character. 'I would never hesitate to call a spade a spade. I am the one who moved No Confidence Motion in the Lok Sabha to fight against injustice happened to the state. Fear isn't in my blood. I don't worry about the future. Won't bother about the speculations doing rounds,' he made it clear.

All these developments give a feeling that Kesineni Nani is provoking TDP Leadership to take disciplinary action against him. Whether Naidu is in a position to sack any of his Party MPs?