Two Players Who Costed New Zealand World Cup

Mon Jul 15 2019 15:18:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

New Zealand could blame it's own bad luck for being on the losing side inspite of matching up to England in the final, be it during the 100 Overs or Super Overs. Relying on two of its Cricketers (Tent Boult, Martin Guptill) who had a really bad day during the crunch situations proved costly.

In the 49th Over, Trent Boult stepped on the boundary line while catching the ball hit by Ben Stokes and it's been declared Six. New Zealand could have won the match easily had if the Pacer hadn't made such a mistake.

When England need 15 runs in the 50th Over to win, New Zealand Skipper Kane Williamson turned up to Boult to complete the job. And the Pacer ended up conceding 14 runs and it resulted in a tie. Even for the Super Over, Williamson preferred Boult and he conceded 15 runs this time.

Martin Guptill, who helped his team win Semi Final with a brilliant run out of MS Dhoni, failed to make New Zealand cross the winning line in the Final. In the 50th Over, Guptill's throw from the boundary line struck the bat of Ben Stokes and got deflected to fetch 4 bonus runs for England. New Zealand might have won the drawn match easily had if this didn't happen.

In the Super Over, Martin Guptill was supposed to score 2 run sin the last ball. However, His placement of the ball wasn't good enough and that costed his wicket in the form of run-out.