Killer Gang Issues Death Threat, Hero Opts For Bulletproof Glass!

Fri Jul 29 2022 12:21:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

The much-talked-about killing of celebrated Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala took the whole nation by a surprise. Everyone was stunned by the killing as it happened in broad daylight. The gang which killed the singer brutally even gave a death threat to a Bollywood Superstar and his family. The Superstar who received the death threat is none other than Salman Khan.

Lawrence Bishnoi's gang, which killed Sidhu Moose Walagave the death threat. Earlier, Salman Khan is believed to have shifted his shooting location to Hyderabad from Mumbai in the wake of the big threat.

Now reports say that Salman Khan is in no mood to take the risk and that's why he decided to beef up his security. As Bishnoi's gang is famous for shooters and the gang even has sharpshooters, Salman Khan reportedly applied for bulletproof glass for his costly car.

The armoured cars that come with bulletproof glass are the best when it comes to safety. These vehicles can withstand not just the gun bullets, the armoured cars can even face small explosions and bomb threats. Mostly, politicians use such vehicles.

However, the rules were eased by the government and anyone can seek permission to use the armoured vehicles. The only criteria to get permission is that those who want to use the vehicles should give a proper reason on why they want the protection.

As the whole nation knows the death threat received by Salman Khan, the cops will give permission without any issue. Moreover, the star is not in a position where he cannot afford the armoured vehicle fitted with bulletproof glass. He is one of the biggest stars in the country and he charged a bomb for a film.

Looking at the reason behind Lawrence Bishnoi's gang's anger towards the Bollywood Bhaijaan, the issue goes back to a few years. The star is accused of killing a black buck in Jodhpur. He even spent one week in jail and came out after getting bail in connection with the 1998 case. He reportedly killed Chinkara, an endangered species, which is very sacred to Bishnoi's community. Not happy with Salman Khan, he reportedly pledged to kill the superstar.