Kin Of People Who Died In Home With Covid Also Receive Ex-gratia

Sat Sep 25 2021 19:04:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a response to Supreme Court's question on compensation for Covid deaths, the Union Government told the Apex Court that the kin of the person who lost life to Covid will be given an ex-gratia of Rs 50,000 each. The respective states will give the ex-gratia to the victims, the Centre said.

Now the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued the guidelines for the states on what basis will the ex-gratia be given to the family members of the victims and what is the criteria for that and the parameters that are to be followed.

The MHA said that to get the ex-gratia, the family members should submit a doctor certificate confirming that the cause of the death was due to Covid. The same applies to those who took part in the Covid relief operations and the preparedness activities.

In the guidelines, the department said that the deaths caused to people within one month of catching the Covid should be taken into consideration to give the ex-gratia for the family members.

The same guidelines were sent to all the states and union territories in the country to follow them to grant the ex-gratia to the family members of the Covid deceased. The Telangana government had responded to the guidelines.

The state government reportedly said that it would focus on the ex-gratia issue after the full guidelines were issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.