Know What Is KCR's Biggest Worry?

Fri Sep 13 2019 11:45:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why is KCR, who looked so invincible all these days, is looking so vulnerable? Why are the dissidents opening up and are bravely criticising the ruling combine? Why did leaders like Rajaiah, Srihari, Etela and even Shakil Ahmed flex muscles and warn KCR? Why is he looking so weak politically?

The difference lies in just one factor - BJP. As the BJP is expanding its wings and is trying to emerge as a strong alternative in Telangana, the leaders from both the Congress and the TRS are trying to flock to it. Unlike the Congress, which is a saleable commodity, the BJP does not break or bend despite pressures from the TRS. Moreover, it has support from a very strong Central Government, which is not dependent on any other party. All these are making the BJP an attractive option for the politicians who are unhappy with KCR. They are immediately approaching the BJP and the BJP is only too willing to accept them.

The reports that most of the dissidents are talking to the BJP are unnerving the TRS. To add to the TRS woes, it is unable to satisfy its own disgruntled leaders. It cannot offer them any post of importance. Normally, KCR could have crushed the dissent very easily, but a strong BJP is providing an opportunity to the dissidents and KCR is unable to take any strong action against them. As a result they are getting increasingly emboldened. This is making KCR look weaker and vulnerable.