Know which is the most powerful party in Andhra Pradesh?

Wed Sep 21 2022 10:27:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

This party got less than one per cent votes in the 2019 elections. In fact, it polled less than the votes for the NOTA. But, this supposedly "inconsequential" political party is setting the political agenda in Andhra Pradesh and all the three regional parties are dancing to its tunes. The party in question is none other than the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Surprising and shocking, but true. The BJP, which lost security deposits in all the constituencies it contested in the 2019 assembly elections, is calling the tune in Andhra Pradesh. The Jana Sena, which has some 6 per cent votes and can tilt the political balance in the state, is in alliance with the BJP, while the ruling YSRCP, which has more than 150 MLA seats, needs the Central government's support to run its show in the state. So, it is bending backwards to appease the BJP.

The third major regional party, the TDP badly needs an alliance with the BJP if it wants to win the 2024 elections and form the government. The BJP is important not so much for the less than 1 per cent votes that it has in AP, but for the control it has over central agencies. The TDP believes that one of the reasons why it lost the elections was because of the Central agencies, which prevented the fund flow to the party candidates by incessant raids and curbs on monetary transactions.

Thus, none of these three parties are criticising the Central government and its policies. On key issues like the CAA, unemployment, price rise, farm laws and even Polavaram project, they are not opening their mouths. None of the three parties is part of any national political formation against the BJP. They do not get invitations to any of the meetings organised by the non-BJP fronts. Interestingly, all the three parties have supported the BJP candidates in both the president and the vice-president elections.

Thus, the BJP, without doubt, the strongest party in Andhra Pradesh. All the three major parties, which have a considerable vote share, are prostrating before the party.

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