Kodali Nani Clears Air On Garbage Tax Instructions!

Wed Jul 27 2022 18:59:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Gadapa Gadapaku Prabhutvam program is showing stars to the YSRCP legislators who are meeting the public in their respective constituencies. While the government started the program to create a space for the party leaders to make the people understand how the government is helping them with the welfare schemes, it is going the other way round.

The Gadapa Gadapaku program is showing how the people are angry with the government on various issues. These days, people are complaining about how it has become tough for them in paying the taxes implemented by the government. Most people are complaining about the garbage tax.

When YCP firebrand leader Kodali Nani participated in the Gadapa Gadapaku program, a woman reportedly complained about the same. Later, reports said that Kodali Nani reportedly asked the concerned authorities to not take the taxes. This news took everyone by surprise.

As many wondered how the Minister can direct the authorities on the tax collection, Kodali Nani rubbished all these rumours. He said that there is no truth behind the news which is being spread around the tax collection. Having said that, the ex-Minister made it clear that, he did not pass such directives to any authorities.

Over the past few months, a lot is being said about the garbage tax. Earlier, a few Municipalities faced the heat by putting up posters saying that the garbage will be dumped before the houses of people who fail to pay their taxes.