Kodali Nani satires on Nara Lokesh in Assembly

Thu Dec 12 2019 13:50:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Winter sessions of the AP Assembly continue to witness heated debates and war of words between ruling and opposition parties. TDP leader Aadi Reddy Bhavani said with the increase in the prices of essential goods the middle class and below middle class are finding it difficult with living.

She demanded the ruling party what sort of measures did the government take to bring the prices down. Every family is facing a burden of almost Rs 3500 every month with the price hike. She read out the prices of essential goods and oils before and after the ruling government came into rule.

Replying to her question, Civil Supplies Minister Kodali Nani said, the opposition is spreading all lies regarding this issue. He said, the essential goods get a price hike every year by 10 percent and that is not considered an increase in the price.

Talking about pulses in the house, Nani satirically said he is not talking that Pappu(Lokesh) when asked by his fellow party leaders. The increase in prices of the essential goods is there across the nation and not only in the state. He reminded that while the country is selling onions at high price AP is providing onions at a subsidiary price of Rs 25 per kg.