Kodali Nani says Eenadu is Ban, Reality is different!

Mon Jan 10 2022 19:20:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Firebrand Politician and Andhra Pradesh Civil Supplies Minister Kodali Nani had recently lashed out at a section of media channels for their stand and said that the media channels will be banned. The media outlets include print and electronic ones. The Minister said the ruling party leaders will ban them.

Surprisingly, the ban mentioned by Kodali Nani did not apply in reality as a leading news daily was given a big advertisement by the government along with the papers that are pro-YSRCP. This came as a big surprise for one and all.

Cut to days after Kodali Nani's explosive press meet on banning a few outlets on the grounds of not carrying out the right news, Eenadu which is a strong supporter of opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) was given a big advertisement. The pictures of the advertisement went viral on social media within no time.

This raised a question in everyone's mind that whether the ban on the pro-TDP media outlets was a decision of Kodali Nani or the ruling party. If the decision was taken by the government then why the advertisement was given to Eenadu, like the other newspapers, this is the question everyone has.

Earlier this week, Kodali Nani said that the particular media is spreading false news and for the same reason, the decision on imposing a ban was taken. According to the Minister, the ban includes not speaking to them and not calling them for covering their meetings with the press.