Komatireddy's survey in Huzurabad gets shocking response from voters!

Thu Jul 29 2021 15:41:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Huzurabad constituency has emerged as the battleground in Telangana in the wake of the forthcoming by polls. The TRS party has taken the elections prestigiously and Harish Rao was given the responsibility of handling Huzurabad elections by poll.

As everyone is waiting for the election date,Bhongir Lok Sabha member Komatireddy Venkatreddy called for a survey in the constituency.

It is said that the survey came in favour of former TRS Minister Etela Rajender who is now the BJP leader with around 64 percent of voters supporting him.

Media reports claim that the survey stated that only 30 percent of the voters are in favour of the TRS party.

However, the Lok Sabha member said, Congress has chances of getting just 5 percent vote share in the elections.

All said and one he said that the equations
Komatireddy Venkatreddy also said that though the survey came in favour of Etela Rajender, the scenario might change after the political parties announce their respective contestants.

The senior politician shared a piece of advice to the Congress party to focus on stopping the crack down of the anti government votes.

TRS and BJP are making their best moves to woo the voters and win the upcoming elections. Etela Rajender's wife Jamuna is campaigning for him. Recently, she visited the constituency and did a door to door campaign for her husband.

Looking at the efforts made the TRS, the government had announced Dalit Bandhu scheme to empower the communities and the scheme is expected to be launched very soon.

CM KCR openly said that the scheme was announced for the political aims keeping the elections in mind. KCR called Dalit Bandhu not a scheme but a revolution.His comments attracted criticism. The opposition parties are targeting TRS over this.

Huzurabad by elections were called by former MLA, Cabinet Minister Etela Rajender who resigned from his post and TRS party. The government removed him from the Cabinet post after allegations were leveled against him on the grounds of grabbing lands.

Etela Rajender who was not happy with the government's decision resigned from the party and the MLA post and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).