HC Slaps Notice To Journalist For Making Remarks On Court

Fri May 29 2020 17:10:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The AP High Court slapped 44 people with notices for making comments on High Court Judges and court's decisions on social media. The court considered the petition as Suo Moto filed by a social activist.

YSRCP MLA Gudivada Amarnath and Journalist Kommineni Srinivas were among the 44 who received the court notices for making comments against the court.

This is not the first time, Court sent notices to those who make statements against the Court. 49 people including YSRCP MP Nandigam Suresh and leader Amanchi Krishna Mohan were served notices by the Court the other day. However, except the leaders, they are no way connected with the rest of them.

With the fresh cases, the toll of people who received notices from the High Court stood at 93. This development clearly sends a strong message to the public that those who make statements on the High Court will not be spared anymore.

When the High Court slammed the AP government and handed over the case of Dr. Sudhakar to the CBI citing that the court doesn't have faith in the reports submitted by the government some YSRCP supporters and sympathizers made derogatory comments of the court and judges.