Kona Venkat Reveals Why JSP Underperformed

Wed May 22 2019 15:49:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kona Venkat feels Pawan Kalyan is someone who never believed in Power and that kind of mindset isn't gonna work in politics. He says Jana Sena Chief will have to become CM to make a difference or for bringing change.

This Film Celebrity listed out three major reasons behind the poor show of Jana Sena. 1) Alliance with Mayawati who is facing corruption allegations. 2) Commenting that Andhrites were attacked in Hyd. Somebody misguided Pawan in this matter. 3) Talking about Jagan-KCR Dostana when TRS has got nothing to do in AP.

The Writer opined AP Elections happening in the First Phase itself proved costly for Jana Sena as there wasn't much time left for preparation. He went on to say lack of organizational structure prevented Jana Sena from attaining maximum benefit in 2019 Elections. '100 percent, Jana Sena is the only party with the potential to emerge as a third alternative in future. YCP is going to form the government in 2019 without any doubt. Right now, People are of the feeling...let's give one chance to Jagan,' he said.