Konaseema Row: Internet Shutdown in Tense Amalapuram!

Wed May 25 2022 12:50:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Internet is booming in India and during any tense situation, the internet might add fuel to the existing tensions. To counter this, the government shuts down the internet and we have earlier seen this practice in Jammu and Kashmir during the Article 370 Abrogation. The internet shutdown practice had made its way to Andhra Pradesh as well.

The Konaseema region which is home to beautiful locations and historic temples is on fire with intense protest. The protests opposing the Konaseema district named after Dr. Br Ambedkar turned intense and the property was also damaged in this. A few police personnel were also injured in this.

As an example of how tense the situations are in the Konaseema region, a few buses were damaged by the angry protests and the residences of Minister Viswaroop MLA Ponnada Satish were reportedly set on fire. The legislators ran out of their houses and managed to escape from the disaster.

With the protestors not listening to cops and not stopping their protest, the cops at Amapalaursma started lathi-charge and they have managed to bring the situation under control. A few protestors have been taken into custody and further investigation is underway.

As there were reports that fake news on the protests might be circulated making use of the situation, the authorities have swung into action and the internet was shut down in Amalapuram. Not just the broadband, the mobile internet services were also suspended as a safety measure.

Despite the situation coming under control in Amalapuram, the authorities might restore the services unless they get assurance that no tense situation might take place in the region.

Days after the Andhra Pradesh government announced that the newly carved Konaseema district will be named after Dr. BR Ambedkar district, a few organizations have opposed it and called for protests. Seeing this, a curfew was imposed in a few regions.

As an unexpected and unwanted development, the 'Chalo Amalapuram' protest was called by various organizations. After hitting the roads demanding the restoration of Konaseema's name, the angry protesters expressed their anger by surrounding the Collector office and damaging a few buses.